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Saturday, 15. January 2011

What users are saying about Bluetooth GPS Provider

Hi, thanks for this great tool.

I tested several comparable solutions on the market (and i also paid for one ..) , but no other tool provided finally this stability.

I had problems with other solutions in the inter-operability with some navigation applications, some switched on the internal GPS, even if they shouldn't, sometimes the system hang, when the bluetooth device was disconnected shortly or gps fix wasn't available.

Only this tool resumes without breaking the GPS service for the applications.

Seems to be best sollution on the market. Maybe its possible to improve the satellite presentation...

I really would pay for it! PermaLink

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Why some apps are not working with Bluetooth GPS Provider

Many apps are compatible with Bluetooth GPS Provider but some are not. You might wonder why.

If the app uses the standard location API everything should be fine.

However if the app relies on the raw NMEA data (i.e. it's using an NMEA listener) or it's using the GpsStatus.Listener it will not work and currently I don't see a chance to fix this.

Applications which seem to do that include (according to user reports)

  • NDrive
  • Sygic Aura
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Tuesday, 23. November 2010

What users are saying about Bluetooth GPS Provider

Here is what one of the users is saying about Bluetooth GPS Provider:

"When I noticed yours was now FREE I had to jump on it and gave it a try. It JUST WORKS and doesn't quit. I started caching at 8am this morning, enabled your program, stuck my Holux 236 in my pocket. All day I loaded, unloaded Waze, GeOrg, Google Maps once or twice, had the phone off for extended periods, a few times left the BT GPS in the car and returned to it after a bit, etc.. Each time I turned the phone back on with the GPS nearby it immediately was working. I didn't touch your app again until I was done caching at 4:30pm and stopped it.

Unbelievable. :) Same scenario with Bluetooth GPS Mouse a month ago I had to reconnect it a dozen or more times, or worse, I'd think it's working and it really wasn't; I had to disconnect and reconnect then it was really working.

I wish I'd tried yours first, just happened to jump on the other one and was so excited to use the Bluetooth GPS I never tried any others. I'll be watching to see if yours goes back as paid on the market as I'll buy it in an instant. Otherwise I'll keep using it for free."

I have to say thank you! I really like to get that kind of feedback. PermaLink

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Bluetooth GPS Provider on Samsung Galaxy (Android 2.2)

Many users experience some problems using the app on a Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.2.

The problem is caused by Samsung's modifications to the Android's GPS code.

The exact cause of the problem is:

11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024): *** FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: GpsLocationProvider
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024): java.lang.NullPointerException
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at$HybridGps.access$900(
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at$7600(
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at$ProviderHandler.handleMessage(
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at android.os.Looper.loop(
11-15 08:18:05.209 E/AndroidRuntime( 3024):     at$

Unfortunately there is nothing the app can do about that but some users reported that it helps to toggle the internal GPS (on/off or off/on) before starting the btgps service. PermaLink

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Tuesday, 19. October 2010

Bluetooth GPS Provider 1.2.5

I decided to convert the app into a free product now. Thanks to all the paying customers. Hope you all enjoy the latest and now free version.

You can still send me requests for enhancements and questions but one of the reasons the app is now free is because I don't have the time to fully support a paid product. A lot of change is currently happening in my private life and I doubt that I will have too much spare time in the future. PermaLink

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Sunday, 26. September 2010

Bluetooth GPS Provider 1.2.0

Bluetooth GPS Provider 1.2.0 is now available via Android Market.

New in this release is:

  • Home Screen Widget
  • Option to automatically stop the service if the GPS is switched off (or another connection error occurs)
  • Option to report the raw HDOP as the accuracy (otherwise a formula which takes the GPS fix quality into account is used)
Additionally there is now a sticky broadcast sent whenever the status of the service changes.

The action of the broadcast is "de.mobilej.btgps.Service". There are two boolean extras: RUNNING and CONNECTED (only if RUNNING=true) which reflect the running and gps connection state of the service. PermaLink

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Saturday, 11. September 2010

Bluetooth GPS Provider 1.1.0

I just uploaded v1.1.0 of Bluetooth GPS Provider to the market.
  • minor bug fixes
  • can automatically switch a SiRF based receiver to NMEA mode
  • for MTK based receivers you can now manipulate some settings like the refresh rate
  • you can choose to let the app automatically switch bluetooth on/off
  • a little bit more GPS status information is shown in the main screen
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Saturday, 04. September 2010

Bluetooth GPS Provider and Tasker

To start or stop the service via a Tasker task you can create a new task in tasker with the following settings:

Use "Action Category" "Misc".

Choose "Action Intent"

Enter "start_btgps_provider" for a task that starts the service, enter "stop_btgps_provider" to create a task that stops the service.

As the "Target" choose "Service"

Please note that it's currently very important to make sure that all the preconditions (allow mock locations = on, bluetooth = on) are met before starting the service! PermaLink

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Friday, 27. August 2010

Turn the GPS on or off to use Bluetooth GPS Provider

Some users are confused if they should disable the internal GPS or not to make things work.

The truth it that it depends on the app you intent to use. Some apps check if the GPS is enabled in the settings. So you HAVE TO ENABLE the inernal GPS to use those apps (e.g. Google Navigation).

You don't have to worry about that because if the Bluetooth GPS Provider is active (the satellite dish with the blue bars is shown) it completely replaces the internal GPS. The internal GPS is only active if you see the sat dish with the green bars in the status bar. PermaLink

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Bluetooth GPS Provider 1.0.5

A new version is available via the market. Changes include:
  • more robust GPS connection
  • satellite signal strength is shown for each satellite in view in the main view
  • after long press on the signal strength display also the live NMEA sentences are shown in the main view
  • settings are now available in a separate view (press MENU button in the main view)
  • it's now possible to use Tasker to start or stop the service. In Tasker choose "Misc" / "Action Intent" / Action = "start_btgps_provider" / "stop_btgps_provider", Target = Service
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